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First Day of School for Students and I’m Proud

  • Posted on August 1, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Nashville students returned to school this year much earlier than ever before. My morning instructions were to staff the information booth. Since all I saw were four empty tables outside the door, I stood in the center and fielded questions.  I love greeting students and their families.

My favorite new student was the little man who marched up to me and declared, “My name is <such&such> and I am very excited to be coming to kindergarten at school today.” I shook his hand and replied, “My name is Mrs. Kelly. I am your librarian and I am very excited to welcome you to school today.”

Throughout the morning I proudly introduced myself as their librarian. I mentioned how we were going to have an exciting year learning through projects. Several returning students drug their parents with them to ask if I’d read any new books and donated them during the summer. Two asked me if they could go to the library and take an A.R. test so they could have lunch with me on Friday.  I love being a school librarian.

Interestingly I saw on facebook and American Libraries enews today a link to R. David Lankes  blog post called Beyond the Bullet Points: It is Time to Stop Trying to Save Libraries David states “Let us also pledge that “Hi, I’m a librarian” doesn’t sound like an introduction at a 12 step meeting, but instead rings like a declaration of pride akin to “I’m the Goddamn Batman!” I would continue quoting the rest of his article to the end, but don’t want to take anymore out of context. Please do go read it. Then proudly state with me:

I am your Librarian!