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Diane R. Chen began teaching in 1986 in Taiwan, taught school libraries in the U.S. since 1989, and has written blogs since 2003 for library organizations. In 2005 she began a blog called DeepThinking.blogsome.com which was an OEDb Top 100 blog and nominated for other awards like the EduBlogs in 2006. In 2007 she began writing Practically Paradise for School Library Journal. After 1,100 plus posts and five years of writing , it was time in 2012 to move to a new domain at practicallyparadise.org. After a recovery interlude of intensive teaching, it’s time to get back to blogging and books.

You can reach Diane on nearly all social media sites using  the term “dianerchen” including pinterest, facebook, twitter, linkedin, goodreads,  instagram, etc. You can always email her at DianeRChen@gmail.com

Benji my Dog

My Benji

Rumors are that Diane sleeps with her laptop, tablet, Kindle, and her cell phone on her pillow, so she is always close by and connected. Her beloved dog Benji nudges her awake when the phone vibrates just in case someone has a bone for him and a book for her.

Review books are welcome. Email her for the address. While she prefers books in print, Diane loves her new KindleFire and sleeps with it under her pillow so she can read during her dreams. She is a NetGalley participant and supports nonfiction series reading with students. Truthfully, there is very little that she doesn’t read.

Diane R. Chen  has taught in Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Germany and Taiwan with 25 plus years at the elementary and middle school levels. She served a three-year term on the ALA executive
board which kept her busy at conferences and remains active on Council & in committees for ALA, TLA, TASL, TEA, MNEA, FTRF, CALA, and AASL. All blog posts reflect solely Diane’s opinions and not those of her employer or member organizations. Diane advocates for practical advocacy and participatory culture for school libraries.

The highest compliment she has received has been from high school librarians thanking her for sending her such passionate readers. As Diane says, “Once I have been your librarian, I will always be your librarian.” Have any doubts? Ask her former students and teaching colleagues, Diane is always willing to answer the call, “Who will help me…?”


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  1. Kate Kelly says:

    Diane, Thank you so much for linking to my article on Ruth Harkness. I have just received a copy of Alicia Potter’s book as I, too, want to read all that I can about this woman… as you point out, it is as much about her time as it is about her adventure.

    And I agree with you about libraries! We have just moved to L.A. and I was so excited to go to my branch library and get a card.

  2. Hello,

    Does your blog review products or do sponsored posts? If so how much do you charge?

    Sarah Perkins
    7204 W. 27th Street, Suite 220, Minneapolis MN 55426

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