Sea Rex by Molly Idle

  • Posted on June 6, 2015 at 8:47 AM

Molly Idle has created a fun summer read for our dinosaur loving PreK-first grade crowd with Sea Rex

cover of Sea Rex by Molly Idle

Sea Rex by Molly Idle

published by Penguin Random House. Cordelia returns as she heads to the beach with her friends and her beach safety tips. I love the image of T. Rex applying sun screen with his teeny tiny arms.

The smooth sunny illustrations have a sandy quality that drew my fingertips to touch to make sure there was no texture on the page. This has vaulted to my favorite summer 2015 sharing pile because it draws children in with its subtle use of humor, open space, a soothing summer palette of sea colors, and well-placed funny touches that the reader can discover on his or her own. Sea Rex respects readers to enjoy reading and devouring pictures without someone cutting them up for them into bite sized pieces. Take as big a bite as you want and enjoy.

I read Sea Rex four times before I wrote about it because there was so much to discover. My only regret? I love the cover illustration so much and it doesn’t appear inside the book. There are many more wonderful illustrations inside, but I was left wondering if there wasn’t a story behind it’s not being inside. Did Molly create the cover illustration at the request of the publisher? Who wrote the hyperbole about the book? “What could that be down in the sea? Is it a fish? A snail? A mermaid’s tail? No, it’s bigger than that . . . a LOT bigger . . . it’s Sea Rex!” It almost seems like the cover and overview are talking about one book and the inside story focus is of another. Tell me I am being too picky and just move on. It doesn’t take away from the fact that I love this book and it’s simple embracing of the sandy joys of the beach.

Factoids:  Hardcover ISBN 9780670785742; 40 Pages; 26 May 2015; Viking Books for Young Readers; 3-5 years